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1) N'Chi Ya Nani (Whose Land Is This?)
2) Too Late For Tears
3) Here We Are In Eden
4) Isn't It Time?
5) Wouldn't It Be Great? (bonus track)
13) Overture/Masai Chant/Hank's Theme
14) African Dreams
15) Homesick
16) Robbie
17) The Lake
18) Mativo
19) Time For Gary
20) Mativo And The Lions
21) Midnight
22) Henry The Jaguar
23) The Light Of Love (instrumental)
24) Timbo's Triumph
25) Gun-Shattered Silence
26) Nobody For Breakfast
27) The Awakening
28) A Clash Of Kings

Filming the music video with director, Jan de Bont

With elephants, Timbo and Kura

With Zuru

With Buster

Serenading Anna

Serenading Tippi

Robert Florczak composed and performed the songs highlighted in the film, and along with arranger-conductor, Terence P. Minogue, composed the film's score. Florczak lived for a year on Tippi Hedren's wild animal preserve, Shambala, while writing the film's music.